Monday, December 8, 2008

Nuka Hiva, again...

November 11/2008

We return to Nuka Hiva for a brief stay, as the Aranui picked up the now empty containers, and goods to be sold back in Papeete. The bus tookus to town, and dropped us off by the craft shops. Today is a holiday, we call it Rememberance Day in Canada, and everything but the craft stalls were closed down. Many stayed on board, and others chose to walk to town, so I was able to go into the markets pretty much on my own. But just as I was making up my mind to buy something, the hordes arrived. In the end, I preferred to sit outside and sketch the old jail.
I was quickly surrounded by kids, and after 'tattooing' them all with Canadian flag tattoos that I always carry with me, I was finally left in peace. Except for a charming young man named Gustav, who was 7 years old, and proudly counted to ten for me in English. He and his small cousin were delightful, and we engaged in rudimentary 'two year old' (me) French conversation. This was our last stop in the Marquesas. I wish I had more time to spend on this island, as there were many places we passed in the bus that warranted visiting.

We returned to the ship, and set sail back towards Tahiti. We sailed all afternoon, and all the next day. It is always great to be able to lie in the sun, read trashy novels and dip occassionally in the pool.... except of course I had to stay dry (sigh).

It was on the evening visit to the doctor that I found out that things were not going well with my leg, and that I would have to see a surgeon in Papeete. Sophie and I had made contingency plans for the remaining two weeks that took into account that I might not be able to swim, but I was having serious concerns about my ability to continue.

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