Friday, December 5, 2008

Hiva Oa

Nov. 8/08
We returned to Hiva Oa. Places are beginning to blur together, but I think we landed at a different place. We boarded the four wheel drives and headed up to an archeological site where there are some significant tiki ruins. They stood on pae paes almost covered by the jungle's growth. They appeared be sprung full grown from the earth, not made by man. I sat and started to paint them, when the French guide and group surrounded me. The English lecture was being given further away, so I decided to stay in the midst of the French and was able to paint in relative peace... since I didn't understand a word he said.

A large, massive ovoid Tiki was of the Butterfly Princess. She was much beloved of her sculptor husband and when she died in childbirth, he sculpted this massive piece to commemorate her.

We visited another, lesser site where the last ruler was buried, and while some walked, I of course went to the beach by car, where nearly everyone (except me) went swimming. I wished I had my kite in my pack, because there was a nice spot to fly it, but instead I retreated to the sketchbook again.

Sitting quietly by myself, one of the Germans who had walked down came by, stopped and gave me a nice neck/back massage. I really missed the opportunities to do some walking, past the homes and through the countryside, but it would not have been wise. I was 'willing' my leg to heal as fast as possible. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

Spent the afternoon chatting with new friends, finishing sketches, and fending off nasty European types who looked over my shoulder at the open sketchbook as I worked, and photographed my pictures!!!

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