Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dominica, 2005 - Goodbye to Dominica

Carnival Day 2
The city is throbbing with the bass boom of the speakers on the giant sound trucks. The floor of the house vibrates, and as the paraders pass by, the trucks exude overlapping sounds. Some restaurants and shops also have big speakers out front, and they compete for sound space. Nothing is clear anymore, except for the heat. You have to shout to be heard in conversation in the house.

Michael, my new Austrian friend and I went for dinner, but just as we finished we heard the bands starting up again, so we headed out to the street. We joined a group behind a giant flatbed truck and the biggest speakers I have ever seen, creeping up the street.

The DJ stood on top and exhorted the crowd. He was surrounded by men who cleared the overhead wires as the truck crept down the streets. Densely packed, gyrating bodies move in unison in front and behind the truck and believe it or not, I am part of it. As the beat consumes our bodies, the dj shouts and everyone raises their hands waving a bright coloured sweat cloth in response.

An hour or so was as much as this 65 year old body could do to keep up with a fit, skinny 32 year old Austrian runner, so I headed home and to bed. Next morning I was stiff as a board, but it was worth it - I guess.

It was the last night of Carnival, and time to pack, and get ready to head to St. Lucia. The next day was spent tidying up and saying goodbye to new friends… and I was off in a very small plane to Castries, St. Lucia.

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